the retreat

Erwan le Corre, Movnat

re·treat (r-trt) n.

  • A place affording peace, quiet, privacy, or security.
  • A period of seclusion, retirement, or solitude.
  • A period of group withdrawal for learning, meditation, or study.

The idea is to create a place where people can come to learn how to improve themselves through diet and through lifestyle.

A place to come either for short stay or long term. Perhaps a type of resort, not on any particularly large scale though.

Ideally, the project has to be located in an existing “Eden”. A place of extreme beauty with both mountain and sea close; with consistent climate.

Tabacon, Costa Rica

Los Frailes, Ecuador

Initially the proposal had been for an individual house developed around various physical/social/relax functions, mixing internal and external spaces. This house incorporated a 25m swimming pool into the design, the central part of which could be closed to form an internal pool.

salon con agua



Water and light being important elements of the design. Rather than being just a singular unit, the idea is to adapt the same project to another scale. Focusing on again, mixing internal and external space; and the mix of physical / social / relax functions. The adjustments that would have to be made would involve directing the project more toward a hotel like functioning, this being a nucleus, from which other projects might grow outwards. Another important feature is to incorporate natural water - sea/river water, rather than building a swimming pool.

Tabacon, Costa Rica

This would be a place from which workshops could be run, teaching about subjects like natural movement and nutrition. Another important feature of the design is to incorporate local materials and respect building techniques, depending on the location. Although this certainly does not mean restricting the design to any thing conservative.

Limón, Costa Rica

Montañita, Ecuador

Since the retreat is orientated toward nutrition and health, the food served would be local, but adhering to the paleo lifestyle, which is adaptable to location.