Monday, March 7, 2011

training programme week 7th March

Monday, 7th March


800m (600 crawl + 200backstroke) 30" breaks
8x50m crawl (every 1")
1500m crawl
200m backstroke
10x100m crawl (every 2") - last 25m intense
8x50m (4 crawl, 4 backstroke) 20" breaks
200m crawl gentle
total: 4500m

Tuesday, 8th March


1000 sit-ups
1000 press ups
100 pull ups
50 one armed press ups (25 each arm)

Cycling: 30km, 500m rise

Wednesday, 9th March

Tennis match

Thursday, 10th March

Same as Tuesday

Friday, 11th March


2x1000m crawl (soft, more intense)
500m legs only, with flippers
8x100m crawl every 1'45" (4 with padles)
200m gentle
total: 3500m

Saturday, 12th March

Skiing, if not, same as Tuesday

Sunday, 13th March

Skiing, if not, rest

Sunday, March 6, 2011

food consumption, one week

Monday, 28th February

9am 2 Coffees + 2 spoonfuls of cream 1€

8pm 1 Oat Pitta 0,2€
  1/2 Onion 0,1€
  1/16 kilo Bull Steak 1,12€
  6 Prawns 1€
  Parmesan Cheese 1€
  1 Plantain 0,4€

Total 4,72€

Tuesday, 1st March

9am 2 coffees 0,7€

16pm rabbit with beef sausage 2,6€
  2 potatoes roast with garlic 0,4€
  gouda cheese 0,53€
8pm salad:  
  1 tin tuna 0,48€
  1 boiled egg 0,18€
  handful macadamias 0,4€
  12 prawns 2€
  1/4 onion raw 0,05€
  Salad leaves 0,25€

Total 7,58€

Wednesday, 2nd March

9am 2 coffees 0,8€
  handful macadamias 0,4€
  1 banana 0,35€
  4 strawberries 0,5€
  1/2 avocado 0,5€

16pm salad:
  1/8 kilo bull steak diced 1€
  salad leaves 0,34€
  1/2 avocado 0,5€
  1/2 a beetroot 0,1€
  handful macadamias 0,4€
  spinach boiled 0,2€
  olives 0,2€
  parmesan cheese 0,3€

8pm leek Tortillas:  
  1/8 kilo beef 1€
  1/4 onion 0,05€
  gouda cheese 0,3€
  leek leaves 0,2€
10pm snacks in bar:  
  queso fresco 1,2€
  tortilla 1,2€
  frutos secos -

Total 9,54€

Thursday, 3rd March

9am coffee in bar, one sugar 1,2€

8pm 1/8 kilo bull steak 1€
  1 slice thick bacon 0,3€
  1 pork rib 0,8€
  1/4 leek/onion tortilla 0,32€
  1/2 oat bun 0,4€
  2 slices goat cheese 0,26€
  1/2 bag yucca chips 0,46€
  1/2 bag potato crisps 0,2€

Total 4,64€

Friday, 4th March

9am coffee in bar, one sugar 1,2€
  1 spoonful cream 0,15€

8pm 1 crab 6€
  cooked in butter, garlic, beer 0,64€
  handful brocolli 0,2€
  1small sweet potato 0,2€
  2 strawberries 0,25€
  6 raspberries 1,22€
  handful macadamia nuts 0,4€
  salad leaves 0,1€
  main course:  
  1 pork loin 0,45€
  1 slice bacon 0,3€
  4 slices oat bread 0,4€

Total 11,51€

Saturday, 5th March

9am 2 coffees 0,8€
  1 spoonful cream 0,15€
  2 pink grapefruit squeezed 0,22€

8pm salad:  
  8 slices duck ham 1,17€
  handful macadamias 0,4€
  1 free range egg 0,17€
  salad leaves 0,1€
  main dish:  
  Lamb belly roast in grapefruit,  
  cranberry, leek, beer 1,15€
  1 slice leek tortilla 0,32€
  4 slices plantain bread 1,15€
  pate 0,25€
  goats cheese 0,3€

Total 6,18€

Sunday, 6th March

9am 2 coffees 0,8€

2pm 1 pink grapefruit squeezed 0,11€

8pm 0,84 kilos clams 2,52€
  cooked in butter beer and grapefruit. 1€
  0,16 kilo chicken gizzards 0,72€
  2 strawberries 0,25€
  salad leaves 0,1€
  pistacho and macadamia nuts 0,4€
  main dish:  
  Lamb belly roast from yesterday  
  wrapped in leek leaves, grilled. 1,15€
  1 slice leek tortilla 0,32€
  4 slices plantain bread 1,15€
  pate 0,25€
  goats cheese 0,3€

Total 9,07€

This was an exercise I did over the last week. It's quite complicated to do this, I broke down everything in detail to work out prices. I haven't included water, which has to be bought here. Wine or any other alcoholic beverages aren't included either, because they are just an indulgence - the beer that is used in some of the recipes, is Estrella Daura, gluten free.

I made two mistakes, in buying the crab at 6€ (little meat on it in the end) and 1/8th of a kilo of raspberries for 2,45€ (out of season). There are probably areas where I could cut back a bit too, but I am not really working to a budget. 53,24€ on food for a single adult doesn't seem too excessive to me, cutting out the two excesses that I list, maybe even avocado, macadamia nuts too, could take it down to say 40€.

Although I haven't been eating much in the mornings and most days I have been avoiding lunch too, the actual quantity I eat is probably the same as ever. This exercise has helped me organize a lot, I would recommend it to anyone. I will arrange a shopping list around this, as I tend to always be popping out for a little bit of this or that, which is just silly. I am weary of buying too much meat at once though - I don't like freezing and defrosting meats.

Apart from noting the food, I tracked my sleep patterns too and training schedule - possibly I will make another post about these.

Leek Wraps

1. Take a leek and make a clean cut to the center, lengthwise.

2. Unravel the outermost leaves. Clean and fill - in this case I am using a lamb dish I cooked last night and cheese.

3. Use kebab sticks to hold them together, I am keeping these in the fridge, for later use. Going to grill them both sides.

plantain coconut bread

1 yeast
2 * 200gm Plantain flour (from latin shop)
1 Tin Coconut milk
Teaspoon salt
Juice of 1/2 a grapefruit (to make the yeast activate)


baked at 200C for 25 mins


I am not big on bread, so I cut this into slices and froze most of it,
I can take it out of the freezer and make toast when I want. It has
a kind of chocolatey taste, but very good.