Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ten Canoes (2006)

This is a film about infidelity.  A young tribesman is attracted to
one of his older brother's wives.  The tribe go together to build
canoes to hunt in the swamp,  one of the elders learns of the young
tribesman's attraction to the woman and decides to take him off to one
side and tell him of a story that took place many generations earlier,
to dissuade him from letting his temptation get the better of him.

The film is narrated by an aboriginal translator, few people have been
capable of making aboriginal culture available to the mainstream, but
this is an exception, Bruce Chatwin's book "the Songlines"  perhaps a
good example too. "Ten Canoes" is a cross section of a true hunter
gatherer society with it's complex social structure, although
seemingly illogical when compared with mainstream society, there was a
structure, it was rigid, conflict is avoided - at the end of the film
the young tribesman thinks better of even looking at his
sister-in-law.   Desmond Morris also touches on the same subject, when
we try to apply rules of the mainstream society to ourselves, we are
actually going against what is natural to us, often creating conflict
- we are the Zoo Humans.   Unfortunately because of the human
overpopulation of the planet and our choosing to congregate in large
cities, we have to model our behavior to normatives that are simply in
conflict with our true nature.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

movnat - thailand

in french

I enquired about doing this, seemed over priced to me at 2500€ + getting to thailand.  Looks interesting, but I don't know what sort of people can afford to do this.  Note: only Erwan le Corre looks good and from what I can see, the swimming tuition is awful :)