Monday, March 7, 2011

training programme week 7th March

Monday, 7th March


800m (600 crawl + 200backstroke) 30" breaks
8x50m crawl (every 1")
1500m crawl
200m backstroke
10x100m crawl (every 2") - last 25m intense
8x50m (4 crawl, 4 backstroke) 20" breaks
200m crawl gentle
total: 4500m

Tuesday, 8th March


1000 sit-ups
1000 press ups
100 pull ups
50 one armed press ups (25 each arm)

Cycling: 30km, 500m rise

Wednesday, 9th March

Tennis match

Thursday, 10th March

Same as Tuesday

Friday, 11th March


2x1000m crawl (soft, more intense)
500m legs only, with flippers
8x100m crawl every 1'45" (4 with padles)
200m gentle
total: 3500m

Saturday, 12th March

Skiing, if not, same as Tuesday

Sunday, 13th March

Skiing, if not, rest

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