Friday, December 10, 2010

recent dishes

Carpaccios, filete tartare.  I try to eat lots of raw foods at the moment, even meat dishes.  Lots of fish too...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

paleo related films

Iceman (1984)

An anthropologist who is part of an arctic exploration team discovers the body of a prehistoric man who is still alive. He must then decide what to do with the prehistoric man and he finds himself defending the creature from those that want to dissect it in the name of science.

Jeremiah Johnson (1972)

A mountain man who wishes to live the life of a hermit becomes the unwilling object of a long vendetta...

The Last of the Mohicans (1992)

Three trappers protect a British Colonel's daughters in the midst of the French and Indian War

Man in the Wilderness (1971)

In the early 1800's, a group of fur trappers and Indian traders are returning with their goods to civilisation...

Rapai Nui (1994)

Tenuously based on the legends of Easter Island, Chile, this story details a civil war between the two tribes on the island: the Long Ears and the Short Ears. A warrior from the ruling class falls in love with a girl from the lower class, and must decide on his position in a time of great civil unrest. The ruling class are demanding larger and larger Moai (stone statues), a task which the lower class and the island ecology are more and more reluctant to provide.

Quest for fire (1982)

This story takes place in prehistoric time when three prehistoric tribesmen search for a new fire source.

No Escape (1994)

Robbins is sent to prison for the assassination of his general officer, a prison you only get out of when you die...

The Mountain Men (1980)

The Mountain Men: A pair of grizzled frontiersmen fight indians, guzzle liquor, and steal squaws in their search for a legendary valley 'so full of beaver that they jump right into your traps' in this fanciful adventure.

The gods must be crazy (1981)

A Sho in the Kalahari desert encounters technology for the first time--in the shape of a Coke bottle...

black robe (1991)

Historical epic about French priest trying to convert Algonquin Indians in 17th century Canada. This slowly unfolding sleeper pleases historical drama fans who appreciate lush cinematography and a bleak, non-Hollywood approach. Some graphic violence, but historically correct.

Cast Away (2000)

Following a mid-Pacific plane crash, Chuck Noland's (Tom Hanks) four-year survival on a remote island, totally alone save for a Wilson volleyball (aptly named "Wilson") that becomes Chuck's closest "friend." It's fascinating to witness Chuck's emerging survival skills, and Hanks's remarkable physical transformation. Chuck's frustration is witnessed when he attempts to use the fire plow technique to start a fire. His elation is seen when he finally succceeds in his hard earned efforts at creating fire with the help from Wilson.

The Earthling (1980)

"A touching and thoughtful portrait of two reluctant survivors, one a life-worn fifty something seeking to reclaim his history before terminal disease claims him first; and the other, a young boy, played by Ricky Schroder, violently thrust from a sheltered childhood. The two are brought together when the boy's parents are killed in a fearsome accident while on vacation in the remote Australian wilderness; the older man, played by William Holden, is the only witness for many miles around. Preoccupied with his own demise and his own demons, Foley (Holden) must take the boy with him and teach him the survival skills he learned as boy living in the same wilderness many years before. He does not have time to walk the boy out himself, so he much teach him what he needs to go on alone. While both characters are derailed by fate from their anticipated courses, both end up with what they truly needed because of one another. To take a moral from a much more recent movie: Life, as always, finds a way."
Summary by Cory Burt

The Edge (1997)

Alec Baldwin and Anthony Hopkins, who played Hannibal Lechter in "Silence of the Lambs", are stranded in the wilderness and have to practice survival skills, all the while being stalked by a grizzly bear.

the naked prey (1966)

Over a 100 years ago, a group of white hunters, on a safari for elephant ivory, were captured by a tribe that the white hunters refused to pay off.  They killed off all but one of the white hunters, this one white hunter known as "Man" (played by the actor Cornel Wilde. He also directed the film). The Tribe, being impressed by Man's bravery, reserved a special death for Man. They gave him the "lion's chance". They stripped him naked and allowed him a head start before he would be chased by the tribe's best warriors. But Surprise!!! One of the warriors gets killed by Man, and grabs the warriors machete, flint & steel, loincloth, and spear (he keeps loosing that tool) and having the same wilderness skills knowledge as the tribe. Man uses those skills to survive, escape and evade his pursuers.

the emerald forest (1985)

Powers Boothe plays an American engineer working on a dam project in Brazil. When his young son is seemingly absorbed one day into the dense perils and beauty of the Amazon rain forest, Boothe's character searches endlessly for his missing son for 10 years. The director, John Boorman, leads us into the life of a forest tribe who have assimilated the missing child and who will ultimately send him back with the opposite of his father's pro-development sensibility. The acting is very good and the location is beautiful

The Snow Walker

The Snow Walker: A pilot and his passenger struggle for survival after crashing in the Arctic tundra.

into the wild (1971)

After graduating from Emory University, top student and athlete Christopher McCandless abandons his possessions, gives his entire $24,000 savings account to charity and hitchhikes to Alaska to live in the wilderness. Along the way, Christopher encounters a series of characters that shape his life.


Two young children are stranded in the Australian outback and are forced to cope on their own. They meet an Aborigine on "walkabout": a ritualistic separation from his tribe.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cm(H2O)n carbohydrate

This is a graph of common carbohydrate sources (not fruit) that I tend to eat and my thinking regarding intake.  Squash or chestnut I don't regard as bad.  I have arranged carbohydrates as so referencing marksdailyapple :

Sweet potato is fine in moderation.  

Potato is not so good.  

Rice is an empty source of nutrients

and Corn even worse.

Finally, cereals like Wheat or Oats that contain gluten should be avoided like the plague.