Thursday, November 25, 2010


Plantain is the big brother of the sweeter banana.  Commonly in Spain it is grown in the Canary islands, or imported from Columbia (or elsewhere).  Plantain in Spain is sold either as "Platano Macho" or "Platano Verde",  actually the same thing, but the former is sold ripened, the latter needing to be cooked to be served.  Plantain is more popular amongst the immigrant latin population in Spain, possibly it wasn't even grown (in the Canaries) or sold here more than 10 years ago.  Plantain despite being exotic is even more common in England through immigrant population coming from either West Indies or West Africa. 

paleo pizza perfected

The photo may not do this justice,  but I think I have perfected the proportions and ingredients for this.  
The base is made around egg white being mixed with almond flour and shaved coconut with a pinch of salt.  This is cooked on low heat in non stick frying pan for 15 minutes, so it browns, but stays moist.  Then spread pesto sauce over the base and any further ingredients of choice (in this case, bacon, mushrooms, onion).  Over this I have melted curds as if they were from a buffalo mixed with parmesan cheese.  Seasoned with oregano... so good.


Sardines are named after the island of Sardinia in the Mediterranean,
so are relatively local to Murcia. Sardines are sold at about 1,5€ a
kilo in Murcia, good fish, rich in all fishy nutrients, in season
from end of May to mid - September, but still available most of the

another omelette for breakfast

This is an omelette made as a wrapping around a filling of bacon,
sausage, cheese. Some pears and mandarin to go with this, which are
both in season... yummie

WTF?¿¿ Dad?!?

Staying over with my Dad means a weekend of no-gluten, this is a
typical breakfast. Potato (at least he let's me eat this), with egg,
bacon, peach... actually this wasn't so bad and I ate it all...