Saturday, October 23, 2010

shepherd's pie variation

Shepherd's Pie might also be called Cottage Pie, the only difference being the use of lamb rather than beef, if that.  It is a very traditional English dish, although there appear to be similar dishes spread all over the world.  Since a shepherd, or a person who herds sheep is not paleolithic at all, this is certainly not a stone age dish (It is first seen in English cook books as far back as 1791 - wikipedia), but, since it's so simple it can be adapted around paleo ingredients.

I think this was the only thing my grandfather knew how to cook, I am not sure of the exact recipe he used, but it had a base of minced lamb with pureed potato spread over the top maybe lightly grilled.  I find this a bit dull, in the past, I have livened it up by making the base as if a lamb curry (lots of spices) and using sweet potato or plantain on top.

In this case I have used lamb I had cooked previously, with some tocino bacon and onion.  I added some brocoli too (something green).  Instead of potato I have used squash (maybe Golden Nugget variety) , then grilled it all with some goats cheese in almond and garlic on top.  Top food!

Friday, October 22, 2010

chocolate mousse and coconut ball

a lake of chocolate mousse made with pure chocolate, cream of milk, some honey.
an island of banana, shaved coconut, date and goji berries in the middle

a kind of paleo lasagna

No pasta slices of course, or did I even try to substitute that part.

Minced bull meat with tocino bacon and onion cooked together
Pesto sauce mixed in afterwards
Then parmesan cheese melted ontop.
A salad of rocket leaves and tomato with mayonaise and pepper.

Perhaps the presentation isn't the best, but this was one of the best
meals I have managed.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

large breakfast 2

paleo toast with cheese and marmite
carrots, tomato, courgette on hot plate
tocino bacon.
I drunk almost a pint of raw milk with this.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

raw milk

My son and I went to a farm near Murcia and bought 6 litres of raw milk at 4,8€.  The cows seemed to be eating both grass and cereals.  Ideally, I'd prefer to find a farm where the cows are grass fed.  I may make cheese with most of it.  Tastes great as it is. Lots of information about raw milk here.

tocino plate

courgette in olive oil
apple with cinnamon
roquefort cheese
tomato in olive oil
tocino bacon cooked hot plate

Monday, October 18, 2010


I boiled the mussels, then re-fried them in butter, garlic and added white white (bad white wine)
I bolied the spinach, but added them to melted cheese (roquefort), slowly melted that is, so they combined it
The onions and brocolli I steamed over the mussels and spinach..

Sunday, October 17, 2010

large breakfast

Sardines marinated in lemon, fried and salted.
A salad with leaves, bacon, blue cheese and pineapple.
A pancake made with egg, coconut and almond flour
with melted soft cheese, and orange fruit spread
Diced gouda cheese with pineapple