Saturday, October 16, 2010

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toast and soldiers

Another attempt to get my son to eat...  with varied success.

One soft boiled egg with gluten free bread toast (he eats this)
Carrots (he won't eat them when served like this, but will if grated)
Slices of peach (which is his favorite fruit)

bull steak for breakfast

Bull steak with Longaniza sausage
Brocolli and diced pear
Spinach pesto and mayonaise with dijon mustard. 

funny face

Attempting to get my son to eat.

Grated carrot (which he says he likes) with bacon
One boiled egg with olives for eyes and nose
Longaniza sausage and almonds for a mouth.

The bread is gluten free, bought in a health store 
made mainly with potato and rice flour mainly.
Cheddar cheese melted ontop.

Friday, October 15, 2010

tuna dish

tuna barely steamed
with carrot, brocoli and onion..
the mayonaise but with added dijon mustard
apple with blue cheese. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

cheeseburger for breakfast

I usually eat more fruit in the morning, but today I am short of fruit and vegetables - market day today.
The bun is made with a mixture of coconut and almond flour, a pinch of salt, held together with egg. 
It is filled with tocino bacon, a bull steak and melted cheddar cheese.


I bought these bugs from by post, finally arrived.  Bit smaller bags than I had expected, not really sufficient for a whole meal going to try them over the next few days.
macrodorcus pseudaxis.
mixed bugs
big crickets