Thursday, October 7, 2010

Early breakfast

Egg, sausage, turkey bacon, tocino, avocado, peach and smashed banana with coconut and raisins

Lunch in Barcelona

A salad with lettuce, olives, almonds, avocado, peach, tomato and Burgos cheese.
Chicken leg cooked in tocino, bacon, mushrooms, onion and some honey.
All bought at San Antoni Market, Barcelona.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

gambas con ajo

Prawns fried in olive oil with garlic
Rocket leaves dressed with olive oil
Blue Cheese 
and Cucumber

Simple, very good combinations. 

Simple breakfast

Tuna and Mayonaise
Beaten egg with bacon and brie cheese
Smashed banana with coconut
A yoghurt, coconut milk, melon and papaya shake.

Bread snack

A bread made with egg, almond flour, shaved coconut
with Mascapone cheese and olives

Bull steaks

Bull steaks with bacon, 
Spicy sauce
Sweet potato fries
and Melon

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


From left to right

Black shoes for formal occasions; weddings, maybe to work etc...
Worn with formal black trousers, jeans even, but long.

White shoes, formal/informal, summer, with short trousers.

Nike Free, these are supposed to imitate the sensation of walking
barefoot. I bought these as semi-formal shoes maybe for going to
work. Can be worn with jeans..

Nike zvezdochka shoes, well, more all purpose, semi formal to
informal, might look ok with jeans?

Vibram 5 fingers, the true imitation of barefoot, not a fashion
statement. won't look good with anything, not jeans, shorts, maybe
naked?? don't know, maybe a vibram pair of underpants that have a
sock on the front hahaha :P

Finally, my very favorite shoes: barefoot, I love these ones, they
take me anywhere, and work really well, when they get damaged they
repair themselves, perfect shoes..

carpaccio de bonito

Slipjack Tuna, cut into fine slices, marinated with vinegar, olive
oil, salt and pepper a short while.
A variant pesto sauce, made with, almonds, parsley, olive oil... basil
and pine nuts, i am out of at the moment.
Rocket leaves, with soft white cheese with olive oil and pepper.

omelette for breakfast

A 2 egg omelette filled wth bacon, smoked mackerel and blue cheese,
With a coffee (no sugar)
And smoothie - melon, papaya, plum and pineapple..

a desert

Coconut / almond flour egg bread
With mascapone cheese and 2 diced dates ontop


"blue whiting" (?) fish, with tocino bacon and almonds inside, baked
with mayonaise,
white cheese and Pineapple

Monday, October 4, 2010


This is the desert by Jack Lalanne, instructions here 
1 Banana, Coconut, 2 diced dates (i used fresh rather than raisins), no honey... 

White fish dish

This is steamed perch and steamed onion as instructed by Jack Lalanne here 
With mayonaise made with Omega mix oil
Melon and diced cucumber as well. 

alcachofas y toro

bull steak and grilled artichokes, served with pesto sauce and mayonaise

Sunday, October 3, 2010

aubergine snack

Slices of aubergine, grilled with sausage and tomato pureed and melted
brie cheese