Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cm(H2O)n carbohydrate

This is a graph of common carbohydrate sources (not fruit) that I tend to eat and my thinking regarding intake.  Squash or chestnut I don't regard as bad.  I have arranged carbohydrates as so referencing marksdailyapple :

Sweet potato is fine in moderation.  

Potato is not so good.  

Rice is an empty source of nutrients

and Corn even worse.

Finally, cereals like Wheat or Oats that contain gluten should be avoided like the plague. 


  1. Hey Oliver,
    I still don't understand what's wrong with gluten
    I understand that it may be hard for some people to assimilate it but for the majority of us having no problem with it... I read that actually you may get a deficit in vitamins.
    What are the benefits of this diet on you personally that you can objectively consider ?

  2. Hey Nicolas, part of the problem is that most of us have not been 30 days in without gluten to be able to make a valid comparison in our own well-being. It is very hard to go 100% gluten free, but i'd really recommend it above everything else regarding going strict paleo. I wouldn't be diagnosed as having Celiacs disease myself, but for sure I feel a hell of a lot stronger for avoiding gluten. I'd recommend trying living without it for a while (30 days) and seeing how you feel.