Thursday, November 25, 2010

paleo pizza perfected

The photo may not do this justice,  but I think I have perfected the proportions and ingredients for this.  
The base is made around egg white being mixed with almond flour and shaved coconut with a pinch of salt.  This is cooked on low heat in non stick frying pan for 15 minutes, so it browns, but stays moist.  Then spread pesto sauce over the base and any further ingredients of choice (in this case, bacon, mushrooms, onion).  Over this I have melted curds as if they were from a buffalo mixed with parmesan cheese.  Seasoned with oregano... so good.


  1. Interesting--may I inquire of the proportions for the crust? And cooking it in a frying pan is clever.

  2. hey thanks, it's quite a thin crust maybe 5mm, but crunchy, a texture thats hard to get when you avoid grains. I don't really eat this much, think it's best not overuse almond and coconut.

  3. Awesome--thin crust pizza is the best (and I agree, it should be an occasional indulgence). What I meant by "proportion," though, is do you remember the ratio of eggs to almond flour to coconut that you used? This seems to be the critical question.

    Can't wait to try it.

  4. I think I just used just one egg white (saved the yolk for something else) and a quarter cup of both almond flour and shaved coconut to make one base that is about 20cm in diameter and 5mm thick. It's not like working with normal bread dough though. Equally well you could substitute almond/coconut with sweet potato, plantain flour, flax, anything.