Tuesday, October 5, 2010


From left to right

Black shoes for formal occasions; weddings, maybe to work etc...
Worn with formal black trousers, jeans even, but long.

White shoes, formal/informal, summer, with short trousers.

Nike Free, these are supposed to imitate the sensation of walking
barefoot. I bought these as semi-formal shoes maybe for going to
work. Can be worn with jeans..

Nike zvezdochka shoes, well, more all purpose, semi formal to
informal, might look ok with jeans?

Vibram 5 fingers, the true imitation of barefoot, not a fashion
statement. won't look good with anything, not jeans, shorts, maybe
naked?? don't know, maybe a vibram pair of underpants that have a
sock on the front hahaha :P

Finally, my very favorite shoes: barefoot, I love these ones, they
take me anywhere, and work really well, when they get damaged they
repair themselves, perfect shoes..

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