Saturday, October 23, 2010

shepherd's pie variation

Shepherd's Pie might also be called Cottage Pie, the only difference being the use of lamb rather than beef, if that.  It is a very traditional English dish, although there appear to be similar dishes spread all over the world.  Since a shepherd, or a person who herds sheep is not paleolithic at all, this is certainly not a stone age dish (It is first seen in English cook books as far back as 1791 - wikipedia), but, since it's so simple it can be adapted around paleo ingredients.

I think this was the only thing my grandfather knew how to cook, I am not sure of the exact recipe he used, but it had a base of minced lamb with pureed potato spread over the top maybe lightly grilled.  I find this a bit dull, in the past, I have livened it up by making the base as if a lamb curry (lots of spices) and using sweet potato or plantain on top.

In this case I have used lamb I had cooked previously, with some tocino bacon and onion.  I added some brocoli too (something green).  Instead of potato I have used squash (maybe Golden Nugget variety) , then grilled it all with some goats cheese in almond and garlic on top.  Top food!

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